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College Football: 5 Things I Would Change

Posted on: August 8, 2011 2:05 pm
5) AQ Status: I would eliminate AQ status.  A D-1 football team or conference is either FBS or FCS.  The voters and computers take SOS into account, so there is no need to further segregate the lesser conferences.

4) Preseason Polls: I would eliminate preseason polls for any institution that participates in determining the national champion (Coaches, Harris).  Furthermore, I would ban any participant in either of those polls from releasing their own set of rankings prior to the first official poll.  The first official poll would not be released until the last week of October.  Whether it is politics or sports voters are always inclined to defend their decisions...this often means that pollsters are hesitant to move deserving teams up and undeserving teams down in the rankings despite performance on the field.

3) Schedule: I would enforce the current 12 game regular season schedule.  I would make 9 conference games the standard for all conferences.  Teams that do not play 9 games in conference would only be eligible compete for an at-large berth to the playoffs.  This ensures a full round robin for the 10 team conferences and ensures that all conferences are playing an even number of OOC games.

2) FCS Games: As long as a school has 12 FBS opponents on the schedule I would allow them to play a 13th regular season game against an FCS team.  However, this would be at the risk of the FBS team, since a loss could make an otherwise 6-6 team inelegible for a bowl.

1) Postseason System: Everyone wants a playoff...the question is how big of a playoff?  There is no perfect number.  8 teams would be enough most years, but there is the occasional 2009 where so many teams from "outside the establishment" bust into the top 10...Leaving out an undefeated Boise State, 1-loss Florida, or ACC champ would be a tough call.  12 teams should capture all of the deserving teams, but adds an extra week of football to the schedule.  16 teams is more even, but a team that is in the running for the NC should be better than #13-#16.  Overall I prefer the 12 team playoff.  As for the bowls, let them eat cake.  Even though they mean very little, everyone enjoys a good OOC matchup...I think it would be enjoyable to watch them between the playoff games.
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